Privacy Policy

As a trusted service provider with a proven track record over many years, we uphold our integrity through the delivery of quality work and maintaining a solid reputation.

Website Visitors This section outlines our policy regarding personal information provided during access to our website. We prioritize safeguarding your data online, employing measures equivalent to those used in other forms of communication.

T A Consulting consultants do not disclose, sell, rent, or provide information about website visitors to third parties, except when essential for order execution involving our attorneys, trust companies, and financial institutions.

Visitors are encouraged to email questions, concerns, or order forms. Email addresses remain private and are not sold to third parties. All electronic communication is treated with utmost privacy.

Client Enquiries Information provided when requesting services or placing orders is used solely for completing the request or order, internal accounting, and record-keeping. We do not share this information with external parties, except as necessary to fulfill orders or requests.

Return email addresses are used to respond to received emails and are not shared externally. Mailing addresses are used for sending requested literature, billing invoices, and related materials. Telephone numbers are used by our sales and customer service representatives to contact clients regarding services.

Clients can register on our website to receive a services catalog, a monthly newsletter, and updates. Information submitted on the website is not used for this purpose unless an information request form is filled out.

Client Engagement Any personal data provided to us is treated with confidentiality. This information, along with details about business activities and transactions, is maintained in accordance with strict security standards and confidentiality principles.

Clients are responsible for understanding and fulfilling their personal and corporate tax obligations in their country of residence. T A Consulting Consultants can assist in clarifying annual reporting obligations upon request.


This Data Protection Notice outlines how T A Consulting Consulting Pte Ltd handles the collection, use, disclosure, and processing of customers’ personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”).


Customer: An individual inquiring about or entering into a contract for goods or services.

Personal Data: Information about a customer, true or not, that identifies them.

Examples of personal data collected may include name, identification information, contact details, nationality, gender, date of birth, marital status, photographs, audio-visual information, employment details, and financial information.


We collect personal data voluntarily provided by customers or as permitted by the PDPA. The data is used for various purposes, including fulfilling service obligations, verifying identity, handling queries, managing relationships, processing transactions, and complying with laws.

Personal data may be disclosed to third-party service providers and relevant authorities for the stated purposes.


Customers can withdraw consent in writing to stop the use and disclosure of personal data. Withdrawal does not affect collection, use, and disclosure where permitted by law.


Customers can request access to personal data or corrections by writing to us. A reasonable fee may be charged for access requests.


We employ administrative, physical, and technical measures to safeguard personal data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, and modification. While we strive to protect information, complete security over the Internet cannot be guaranteed.